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Episode #11

Old Bear Reissued (Featuring Chris Hoisington)

Old Bear Records is branching out into exciting new territory in 2019 as we begin reissuing some of our favorite retro indie music! Certain bands and artists over the years released some incredible albums that maybe didn’t get the promo or attention they deserved, and we want to help more people discover them. Some of these records have a ton of indie credibility but haven’t been easy to get your hands on – until now! Plans are in place to re-issue 4 classic albums on vinyl this year by artists like All Saved Freak Band, The Trees Community, Twin Sister (Three words: Star. Wars. Grunge.), and James Duke’s All the Bright Lights. Check out this brief episode of the pod for previews and more of the heart behind the reissue endeavor from Chris.

Episode #9

Weston Skaggs.

Old Bear Records recently invited recording artist, Weston Skaggs to join hosts Lukas Iverson and Anthony Hoisington on the newest episode of Bear Tone Podcast.  Together, they discuss what it was like to be the first artist to record with Old Bear; who some of the influences that shaped his sound were; how to keep things festive while recording a Christmas album during the summer; how a rare organ found on the side of the road became the main instrument on Weston’s album; and more!  Get to know Weston through this new episode of Bear Tone!   Be sure to subscribe to, share, and rate our podcast as well!

Show Notes

Buy Weston’s Music…

“Out of the Wreckage”

“Stories for Christmas”

Check out the adoption agency that Weston and Amy…

Life Song For Orphans


Episode #8 

Old Bear releases one of our favorite Bear Tone podcast interviews to date with our good friend, Ed Chilungu.  Ed talks about his first time meeting Anthony; Pappy McClurg’s influence on his life; how listening to a jazz album led Ed into his first experience in Christian worship; his struggle with mental illness; what he thinks of Thelonious Monk’s musicianship; his inspiration behind some of the songs on his new album “Soundtracks” and much more.   As you’ll hear in the interview- we had a lot of fun with Ed and shared some very honest and vulnerable moments together.   Don’t miss  this episode of Bear Tone Podcast out today!

Show Notes…

Ed Chilungu’s Harmonized Sounds Episode 

Ed’s Solo Sessions


Episode #7

Here is some bonus content that we didn’t add to the original interview with Ryan Clair!  Enjoy it..


Episode #6

Bear Tone Podcast returns like a steam powered locomotive with guest and Old Bear Records Artist, Ryan Clair.  We discuss how Ryan discovered his true sound while recording “Less Traveled Road;” how analog technology and a

vintage slide projector were indispensable tools in creating his album; Ryan’s love of singers named Damien; and so much more.  We know you’ll enjoy this candid interview with Ryan Clair.



Episode #5

In this episode we interview Old Bear Records producer Chris Hoisington. Chris has produced just about every Old Bear Records project to date. Lukas sat down with Chris to discuss the culture of Old Bear Records and the progression of music as he sees it.


Episode #4

This Episode features one of Old Bear Records most famed artists Ian Zumback. We sat down to chat about his latest release “The Table”!

Nashville, TN, singer/songwriter Ian Zumback is a quiet person with an important message. When you listen to his music you get a sense that he is on a unique mission.  “The Table” is a record that explores everything from redemption (Murderer A Messenger), to the story of the Good Samaritan in the opening track (Down in my Soul). The latter of which boasts the daring line “A clergy man just passed me by and said ‘son I’m late for service time, and if I wasn’t in such a rush I’d come and get you out.’”  

So go ahead and check it out. Get your copy of “The Table” now!


Episode #3

Every once and a while an artist comes along that reminds us of a sound and style from our musical heritage. Often that sound and style has been off of our radar for so long that we have neglected and maybe even forgotten it. Then, we encounter an artist that sings in the sound, and writes in that style, and they remind us of why we need to go back to that era and rediscover our roots!

Meet Eric Lee Brumley.  Eric is unlike any artist we’ve ever worked with.  Musically, Eric has deep roots in Delta Blues and Gospel Soul.  Lyrically, Eric being a former addict and finding freedom from his past addictions through his faith in Jesus, is a living testament of the power of Jesus that breaks the chains that hold us back from living our best life possible. Eric wants you to know that he’s serious about the freedom he has found with every lyric he sings.  His faith is not a passive faith.  It is a fiery, take the bull by the horns, practical life-application kind of faith based on the words written in red in the Good Book! Vocally, Eric reminds us of Mavis Staples mixed with Keith Green. Just let that settle in for a minute!

“Deliver Us From Evil,” his first single from his upcoming full-length album released by Old Bear Records is out today!  The single is available for pre-order at iTunes now, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!


Episode #2 – is part 2 of our continued conversation with Anthony Hoisington.


Episode #1– of Bear Tone Podcast features Anthony Hoisington of Brothers McClurg. He is one of the co-owners of Old Bear Studios and Old Bear Records, and will be one of the hosts and Producers of this show from here on out, alongside Producer Lukas Iverson. In this episode we talk with Anthony about music, life, and how he finds a rhythm in a busy world.