Bear Tracks

Introducing Bear Tracks – The story and journey of Old Bear

Here is an introduction from our Old Bear Records author Rich Kirkpatrick…

“Every tribe has a story. The tale of Old Bear Records, Old Bear Studios, and all the people who wear the badge of Old Bear must be told. My name is Rich Kirkpatrick, an author and musician who met members of Old Bear a few years ago in Northern California. My wife and I had dinner with Chris, Anthony, and Jeremy as well as some other new friends. I thought, if I could ever hangout again with these guys, my world would improve. Over the years it did. I have heard their story over refreshing beverages and good grub–a sacramental table, indeed. This new blog format hopes to go a little deeper than news or music. What is ringing in the soul of the Old Bear? What stories are yet to be uncovered? We hope Bear Tracks leads us together on a journey of creation, art, and hope. Welcome to our table. Hangout with us!”

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