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Harmonized Sounds

Harmonized Sounds is a video series that documents the recording of music at Old Bear Studios. We are located in Batavia NY. Harmonized was created by Anthony Hoisington and Brennan Blowers. Both have a passion for a moving story coupled with good music.

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Episode #6- Weston Skaggs “Wise Men Still Seek Him”

We love a good story here at Old Bear.  That’s part of what makes music so interesting, the story behind a song or record.  And so Old Bear Records and Harmonized Sounds are proud to announce a brand new holiday episode featuring Weston Skaggs and his song “Wise Men Still Seek Him”.  This throwback track feels so comfortable it could have been penned and recorded in the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s but yet still somehow feels current as well.

In this episode you’ll see how we explored some new territory in the recording process as we continue to craft the sound of each artist that walks through Old Bear’s doors.  We hope that as you’re watching you’ll feel all the warm Christmas fuzzies!

Episode #5- Ryan Clair “I want Jesus to walk with me”

Here at Harmonized Sounds we thrive on capturing how a song is brought to life, and hope you are inspired by this episode featuring Ryan Clair.

Ryan recently released his debut single, “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (The Valley)” that was recorded at Old Bear Studios in Batavia, NY. When Ryan brought his idea to Old Bear, we were excited to capture moments of the creative process.

When Ryan sat in a small country church in Minnesota and heard the sounds of the old hymn “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me,” he was inspired to bring the song back to life through a new sound. One thing Ryan and the Old Bear crew have in common is they both love finding new ways to do old things. In this episode you’ll see how they used different instruments to create unique sounds. They also feature microphones made by Ear Trumpet Labs, giving an old time look with a new crisp sound. We hope you enjoy I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (The Valley) by Ryan Clair.

Ryan appears courtesy of Old Bear Records/Sprig Music


Episode #4- Keri Cardinale “Swing Wide”

This is episode #4 for us here at Harmonized Sounds! We’re proud of this video series and hope you’ve been enjoying it along with us. We are excited to introduce Keri Cardinale to you. She visited Old Bear Studios this past year to write/record her newest project. We joined her in capturing one of the songs on her newest project called “Swing Wide”!


Episode #3- The Promise Is Hope “Mary Ann”

Harmonized Sounds was so excited to be able to help Ashley and Eric of “The Promise Is Hope” capture a beautiful song called “Mary-Ann”. Using vivid imagery without resolving to despair or cliche, the song acts as a time-capsule of the events and emotions surrounding the death of Eric’s grandmother.
Produced by Chris Hoisington and Eric L’Esperance. Recorded at Old Bear Studio in Batavia, N.Y.


Episode #2- Ian Zumback “Murderer A Messenger”


Episode  #1- Weston Skaggs “Glory to Your name”

Weston Skaggs joined Harmonized Sounds to let us take a behind the scenes look at how his song “Glory to Your Name”.