Old Bear Records is so excited that Ryan Clair’s new single “Throw Me A Line” is out today on all major digital stores and online streaming platforms.  “Throw Me A Line” is the second single from his upcoming full length album titled “Less traveled road” set to release on January 26th.

The future is bright for Ryan.  His first release caught the attention of SoundCloud naming him a top 100 Christian artist in 2017.  Noisetrade featured his first single from his upcoming album, “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me (The Valley)”, as a notable release.  “Throw Me a Line” picks up right where his previous single left off, with an audio experience that intertwines the elements of a small-town country church foot stomp, which carries the rhythm for the instrumental charge on Ryan’s acoustic guitar.

As Ryan sings “Throw me a line ‘cause I was at the end of mine” in his rich gravelly voice; it’s like hearing the first hand account of a weary traveler who’s journey brought him to the bar, but God’s mercy led him to the altar.  It’s right up our alley both aesthetically and lyrically.  We hope you enjoy the single as much as we do!

Head on over to iTunes and grab your copy!