Ian Zumback releases his brand new album, “The Table” (Old Bear Records) today! It is available in our web store and at all digital retailers. This is Ian’s debut full-length record and has the stylings of old folk story-telling, a simple Americana feel, and brutal honesty. Ian welcomed many guests into Old Bear Studio to craft a truly communal musical experience!

Nashville, TN, singer/songwriter Ian Zumback is a quiet person with an important message. When you listen to his music you get a sense that he is on a unique mission.  “The Table” is a record that explores everything from redemption (Murderer A Messenger), to the story of the Good Samaritan in the opening track (Down in my Soul). The latter of which boasts the daring line “A clergy man just passed me by and said ‘son I’m late for service time, and if I wasn’t in such a rush I’d come and get you out.'”  

So go ahead and check it out. Get your copy of “The Table” now!
We think that “The Table” is pretty great but don’t just take our word for it, we gathered some other opinions as well!