Old Bear Records couldn’t be more pleased to introduce Luke Lauber’s music to the world.  Luke is a worship leader from Kansas City who came to Old Bear Studios in September of 2017 to record a 5 song EP.  We were so impressed by his songs, style, love for God and passion for the local church at large that we couldn’t help but invite him to officially become part of our community.

Today – Old Bear Records is releasing the opening track off of Luke’s new 5 song EP – “The War in Love (or the Love in War)” ahead of the full EP’s release on all digital platforms on March 23rd.  The opening song “(Let your heart fall) -> Into His hands” sets a tone that wonderfully combines heartfelt worship with space to explore instrumental worship- making the whole track feel like you’re sitting in the room with a front row seat to someone’s personal worship pouring from their heart with no one watching but God.  It’s powerful and we know you’re going to love it!

So do yourself a favor and get the song this Friday and pre-buy the EP on iTunes before it officially drops on March 23!

Pre Order- The War in Love (Or the Love in War) – EP by Luke Lauber