It is one of our favorite times of year at Old Bear Records as we prepare our hearts this Lenten season in anticipation of releasing music relevant to Good Friday and Easter.

We could think of no better release to share than to introduce the world to Luke Lauber’s new 5 song EP “The War in Love (or The Love in War.)”  Luke’s new EP takes the listener on a journey that is arguably the closest thing to a musical allegory that Old Bear has put out to date.  The subject – death, new life, and the war that exists in our hearts during the in-between.

Luke leads the listener on a journey that begins with the surrendering of a broken heart in o the hands of a capable Healer.  The journey continues with the in-between of the human experience that follows the pain of disappointment and loss, including themes of prayer, self-doubt, faith, and love.  Finally, the EP makes its case for new life and renewed hope; and that what could be mistaken as an end is actually just the beginning of something beautiful!

We are thankful to be involved in the creation and release of such an artistic and timely release as Luke Lauber’s “The War in Love (or The Love in War)” EP.

Pre-order your digital copy today on iTunes before it releases this Friday, March 23rd!  We know you’re going to love it!