Old Bear Records love playlists.  We grew up creating and exchanging mix tapes with our friends.  We especially loved discovering new artists before they hit it big in the mainstream. Maybe that’s why our slogan is “that upstream sound.”  We love discovering and promoting artists that are swimming in the lesser known streams and rivers and in turn want to share our discovery with you!

We know there are rivers and streams that you know about that we don’t. We know there are fish in our streams and rivers that your friends don’t know about.  So here’s our thought.

We want to give you the opportunity to take over Old Bear’s Spotify Playlist for a full month by creating our playlist for us.  Here’s the catch ~ we want to include your favorite undiscovered independent artist on that playlist!

Here’s how it works – starting today and ending on May 11th, we want you to create a Spotify playlist with 9 of your favorite songs by current Old Bear Records’ artists, and for the 10th song – add your favorite song by your favorite undiscovered, indie band or artist.   We will then go through the playlists and select one playlist to feature as our fan curated Spotify playlist on our Old Bear Records Spotify account for a full month!   In return – we’ll send you a free Old Bear Records t-shirt and give your favorite undiscovered band/artist a full month’s worth of exposure to our stream of listeners and fans!  Be sure to tell your friends about this Spotify takeover.  If a bunch of your friends want to get your favorite artist in front of us – let them know how to get involved!

Here’s the rules:

1. Create your own Old Bear Spotify Playlist on your personal account.

2. Email your playlist to oldbearrecords@gmail.com.  Be sure to put “OBR Spotify Contest” in the subject line or we might overlook your entry.

3. Post about it on Instagram and tag us and your favorite band/artist in the post to let the artist/band and Old Bear know that you’ve entered to take over our Spotify!

Thank you for being a part of our community!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!