It has been 3 months since the release of Ian Zumback’s top 40 Billboard charting album, “The Table,” yet it is still finding favor with listeners and reviewers alike on a national and international level., a society and culture website based out of the United Kingdom that gives very honest reviews on Christian and faith based music and books, reviewed “The Table” and gave it an incredible 10 out of 10 stars across the board.

Reviewer Robert Allwright writes, “One thing that Ian has done on this album is to bring Bible stories to life through his own viewpoint and his musical style.”  Allwright also writes “This is a hugely compelling album and Ian has brought something that has real depth and emotion, as well as teaching and promise all mixed in with strong elements of worship. Inviting us to the table to partake of this meal and to experience those different situations with the promise that God doesn’t fail us.”  

We couldn’t be more excited to have a project that has been so well received and critically acclaimed.  “The Table’s” ultimate purpose was to invite listeners to interact with the powerful and life changing message of the Gospel.  We’re so thankful that reviewers like Robert and the team at are acknowledging that the album is accomplishing its primary purpose!

Congratulations Ian, Chris, and the Old Bear team!

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