For the longest time we’ve wanted to start a podcast.  A behind the scenes type of podcast that’ll take the Old Bear listener even further into our community of amazing creatives and artists.  We’ve been hard at work for the last 5 months gathering tape and tracking down interviews and are proud to announce
Bear Tone Podcast! 

This podcast is brought to you by Old Bear Records and Bear Tone Executive Producer Lukas Iverson.   We tackle the stories of your favorite Old Bear artists as well as how and why the label and studio have come to be what they are.  As we’re hard at work on it, we’re hoping that you would please do us a favor…
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Thank you again for coming along for the ride! We are so proud of all the artists that we represent and believe that God has put us all together for a reason.  And we look at you, the fans as a key part of the Old Bear community!