It remains our steadfast commitment to continue to keep opening up our doors so that you can see inside the world of Old Bear Records!  Today we have posted another installment of Bear Tracks, an Old Bear Records blog written by our very own Rich Kirkpatrick.  Dive into the deep end with us and learn what makes up our sound… our upstream sound.

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“Have you ever experienced a moment in life where you felt really alive? When I think of bears and the word “upstream” I immediately picture a grizzly bear snatching a salmon with his massive claws as it jumps upstream, arching into the air. We are taught that to swim upstream puts us in great peril. Truthfully, any creative endeavor worth its salt drives the artist, musician, or entrepreneur directly into the dangers of the unknown. Where else would one want to be? Most would rather stay with the current than risk the fate of the salmon. Swimming upstream simply requires more effort than many are willing to spend. When it comes to music, Old Bear Records aims to create more than a sound. It’s birthing a community–a tribe.”  Continue reading here.