Tomorrow, Old Bear Records will release it’s first fully instrumental album of original compositions by artists Ed Chilungu.  Ed is one of the most talented and interesting people that we’ve ever worked with.  When you sit in a room with him while he’s composing and sharing music – two things become very evident.   One – he’s a gift to music lovers.  Two – his main goal through his music and life is for people to have encounters with Jesus.   Ed calls his album, “Soundtracks,” an autobiographical and diverse album.  Being long time friends with Ed, we couldn’t agree more.
We hear his personal story interwoven into every composition.  “Roy Hobbs” finds its origin in how Ed personally identifies with the story from the movie “the Natural.”  We hear both the tension of the unknown and the resolve of hope that permeates Ed’s life who has been living with schizoaffective disorder for most of his life through the beautifully composed and performed single, “Return.”  Ed imagines through song what the experience of a loved one passing from this life to the next; and the joys of that person entering into the Kingdom of Heaven by carefully creating a string of consecutive compositions that incorporate intentional dissonant melodies and minor key phrases with frantic pacing that leads to wonderfully placed major lifts and familiar nods to a classic hymn through the compositions “Angels,” “Restitution,” and “King David’s Dream.”
For so deeply personal and unique a project, Ed approached longtime friend and Old Bear Records co-founder, Chris Hoisington to produce his project.  Chris has an extensive history of curating, appreciating, and studying instrumental albums.  Chris’ insight, vision, and production style drew something out of Ed that we’ve never seen before from him.  We feel really honored to have the privilege of carrying this special project to the marketplace and allowing you, our listeners, to experience a very beautifully composed and passionately performed piece of art.
We also wanted to chronicle this special moment for Ed and Old Bear by returning to our original short-documentary series “Harmonized Sounds” to kick off a new season of inviting you into our world and see how this album came together with never before seen behind the scenes footage and interviews.
So be sure to watch this new episode today and go out get Ed’s album “Soundtracks” releasing tomorrow on all digital platforms!