Old Bear Records truly believes that great art is happening all the time around us.  So many musician, painters, poets, writers etc are constantly providing our world with inspiration and also shaping our culture in creative more colorful ways.  But so much of it is done on the cheap.  Artists can’t afford to devote too much time to their craft because finances are tight.  So we want to give you an opportunity to help us change that.

WE are launching a campaign that called “Support The Bear”!   To help celebrate the art that we are making along with Jonas Wood’s brand new record called “Whispers” we put together a bundle and a concept.

The Bundle is a STEAL!  This Jonas Woods bundle includes
1. The CD Copy of “Whispers”
2. The Digital Download of “Whispers” (available as soon as you place your order for all the streaming digital lovers out there.)
3. A vinyl copy of “Whispers”  annnnnddddd
4. An Old Bear Records Script T

ALL OF THIS FOR $40.00 bones!

Click HERE to order your bundle!

The Concept is this…
We are calling this an “IN HOUSE RELEASE”  which means we feel that the fans that love what we do want to support us directly.  So we are delaying the digital release of Jonas’ record to all the major sources (Apple, Amazon, Spotify etc) just one month and providing you the opportunity to partner directly with us to cut out THE MAN!

So we ask that you would consider our bundle as both a sign of your love and support for Old Bear and our artists.  And we have a hunch that you will love this concept as much as we do!!

Thanks and much love,

OBR Team