Old Bear is excited for our second release of 2019 to hit digital stores today!  “Whispers” by Jonas Woods is an album that Jonas describes as “held together by the glue called experience. Experience as a parent, experience as a human, as a man of faith.”

Produced by Chris Hoisington, “Whispers” is a diverse collection of songs showing the depth, maturity, and chops of a seasoned songwriter and performer who has honed his skills on the road during the past fifteen years as a full time touring musical artist.

“Whispers” was recently given a ten out of ten star review by honest British music reviewer, Robert Allwright from One Man in the Middle who really made sure to note the brilliant versatility of Jonas as a vocalist and songwriter.  We couldn’t agree more!

So be sure to check out “Whispers” and add it to your digital playlist when it drops Friday!  Copies of “Whispers” on vinyl and CD are available for purchase now at the Old Bear online store!

Maybe you’re you’re interested in having Jonas come and play at your church, club, bar or backyard?  Book him now for his upcoming summer tour!  Click Here to book Jonas.