In this latest episode of the Bear Tone Podcast we do a deep dive on Old Bear’s latest reissue: Star Wars tribute band Twin Sister.

A long time ago in a garage far away… Some friends from different bands started trading punk and funk riffs back and forth and somebody told Todd Fadel to step up to the mic and sing something over it. And all he could think of where Boba Fett lines! This ‘rebel scum’ explosion of fun gave kids at their shows permission to not take themselves so seriously and Twin Sister soon became the hottest act in Portland’s mid-90s Alt Christian scene.

Frontman Todd Fadel is here to tell the story as well as Bradley Swanson, who is a curator for that particular music scene (check out the BandCamp page ‘The Corral On Spin Cycle’ to explore a really cool era). As always, our Bear Tone hosts Anthony Hoisington and Lukas Iverson are the ‘scruffy looking nerf herders’ at the helm of the pod.