Old Bear Records and Old Bear Reissued is excited to announce the signing of artist Kevin Max to reissue his album “ROMEO DRIVE” on clear vinyl!

“ROMEO DRIVE is the conceptual tale of a rogue Cybernetic, who against all odds, sets out on a journey to understand the origins of the human soul. Set during the time period of future earth 2079, Romeo Drive must find allies in assisting it to find WWW (Wicked Witch of West), a global mechanism which can unlock the answers to the future & the mysteries of God.”

Old Bear has always appreciated artists that color outside the lines.  Kevin has made a career of trying new things, and being unapologetic about his position to remain cross-cultural in the face of present music culture.  “ROMEO DRIVE” continues to build on this musical legacy by incorporating 80’s pop synthesizers and programmed new wave beats with unique 16 bit console sounds to provide the foundations for Kevin’s poetic and haunting delivery that ties the project together to make it feel both nostalgic and futuristic all at the same time.