Old Bear Records recording artist, Weston Skaggs has delivered an incredible piece of work with this new EP titled ‘Till I See You Again. ‘Till I See You Again is the first of two EP’s Weston is set to release in 2020. There is something really special about this release and the collection of songs Weston has written. Not only is this album drenched in emotion and written out of the overflow of tears and love. Each and every song is soaked in textures and soundscapes that pull you into the thematic stories of memories, family, love and loss. You can hear the emotion of raw honesty & feeling in Westons voice as he poured out his heart with tears streaming down his face during the recording process.

Producer, Chris Hoisington and Old Bear Records is known for beyond the norm creativity and production that is unmatched and this album is a prime example of it. From the Lo-Fi tape hiss and layers of vocal harmonies, vintage synthesizers, mellotron & the genius work of Evan Sieling on mixing and mastering this project is like no other folk album.

Weston Skaggs is known for his storyteller’s style of writing, and this album is gold on so many levels. Incredible!