Roemer is based in Berlin, Germany and came to Old Bear Studios in 2019 to record a 5 song EP produced by Old Bear producer, Chris Hoisington.  The project is unlike any project we’ve recorded or released before as its direction and expression finds its bearings as songs of protest and social commentary ranging in topics from firearms, the dark side of grace, staying hopeful when the chips are down, alcoholism, and more.  Roemer’s unique, sobering lyrics, and deep faith roots combined with a folk aesthetic and unique layered sounds which include grenade pins hitting the floor and gunfire make for an equally unnerving and hypnotizing listening experience.  We simply can’t categorize this EP.  We just know that we believe in Roemer’s art and want his music and message to be shared.  Roemer’s EP is set to impact all major digital platforms on March 27th, 2020.  To connect with Roemer, follow him at @roemercollect on Instagram.

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